Front desk positions are the forefront of any company. They are the first people to talk and interact with customers. It’s supremely important that all front desk employees look their best, wearing the most professional suit jackets, slacks, and skirts. Match the different styles and colors of tops and bottoms to suit your needs and the needs of your job.


Medical uniforms must be functional and at the same time inspire confidence in an industry that deals with peoples ailments and lives. Patients identify hospital employees through their uniforms associating their white uniforms with competency and trust. Medical uniforms also play a critical role in ensuring that hospital staff, including nurses and doctors, stay clear of infections during their daily interactions with patients. With this in mind, Gulf Stream Garments also pays close attention to the type of fabric used in producing garments for the healthcare sector.


If you are looking for quality school uniform suppliers then you’ve landed on the right page. Globe Uniforms is one of the leading school uniform suppliers in Dubai and across the GCC. We offer a wide range of school uniforms in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. Gulf Stream, as a top school uniform supplier , can also customize uniforms to meet your educational institute’s requirements and preferences. Our school uniforms are made from high top quality fabrics cotton and are tailored to offer a comfortable fit that can withstand daily wear and tear.


Create the best first impression by giving your employees the best uniforms. From the receptionist to the bell boy and every employee in your hotel, each staff has an equal and good opportunity to make a great impression on your guest. The way in which your employees are dressed will let your guests know about the quality and service of your establishment. With the rapid pace at which your hotel guests check in and out you may not have a lot of time to create the right impression however the right uniform worn by your staff is sure to leave a lasting impression in your customer’s mind. Gulf Stream Garments, one of the leading Hospitality uniform manufacturers in Ajman, prides itself in providing high-quality uniforms for staff in the hospitality industry.


Gulf Stream Garmentsis a reputed uniform company in Ajman that supplies a wide range of uniforms and accessories for employees in the aviation sector. The uniforms are tailored to complement your company’s style and uniqueness. That’s why we custom design uniform for each and every client. Moreover, the uniforms are stitched to offer the maximum comfort. We have a team of trained and experienced designers and tailors to provide high-quality stitching services.


Gulf Stream Garments, we have recognized the strong demand for factory and industrial uniforms as various industries develop and thrive in the region. We place great emphasis on creating uniforms from high-quality materials that make them wearable in different working conditons and environments. We also understand that comfort & safety is paramount to a factory or industrial worker and therefore supply high quality durable garments.


After seeing much success in the street market with the Gulfstream Caps, we saw an opportunity for a new design specificallytargeting the street and action brands. Keeping the originalwe decided to refine the shape andupgrade the fabric to make it trendier and superior, fitting the premium lifestyle brands that are still well known today. Understanding the key differences in when producing great commercial embroidery for caps is the key to taking your business to the next level.



we design and manufacture cricket team clothes. Ordering team clothes can be a tedious process for teams as collecting clothing measurements from various individuals is tricky and time consuming.


Show your team pride even when you're off the field with custom football t-shirts. Perfect for players, coaching staff, fans and fundraisers. The uses for custom team t-shirts are endless! Customize them with your team motto, mascot, player names and so much more.


We design and manufactures custom running apparel of professional quality. Your custom running tops (short sleeves, long sleeves, tank tops, singlets) and shorts are created according to your exact design specifications. Choose your own design, colors, texts and add any logos or graphics.


With our inhouse sublimation setup we can custom basketball t-shirts. Perfect for players, coaching staff,fans and fundraisers. The uses for custom team t-shirts are endless!